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Central Texas Telephone Cooperative, Inc. was established in 1951 to provide affordable telecommunications to the people in the rural areas of Central Texas. The Cooperative is a non-profit organization. When it began, the Cooperative had 614 members and provided dial tone. Now, the Cooperative has over 7,300 access lines and provides a wide array of telecommunications services.

If you have received a certificate of membership and we provide your local telephone service, you are a Cooperative member. Since we are a non-profit organization, our members are also our owners. Therefore, as a member of the Cooperative, you are more than just a customer.

The Cooperative is divided into districts and from these districts, our members elect a Representative for our Board of Directors. The current Board of Directors is:

Monty Carlisle, representing Mullin Exchange
Vice President
Ricky McKinnerny, representing Richland Springs Exchange
Ann Walker, representing Lohn and Melvin Exchanges
Asst. Secretary/Treasurer
Rick Baskin, representing San Saba Exchange
Joan Brown representing Doole, Millersview, and Eola Exchanges
Lovell Kuykendall representing Cherokee and Bend Exchanges
Doug Forrest, representing Evant Exchange
Ronnie Nowlin, representing Mercury, Rochelle, and Voca Exchanges
Ed Sanders, representing Priddy and Star Exchanges

Chief Executive Officer
Mike Higgins, Jr.
General Manager
Jamey Wigley

We are delighted to have you as a member of Central Texas Telephone Cooperative, Inc.!

Central Texas Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Serving the Rural Communities of Central Texas since 1951.
Goldthwaite Office
1012 Reilly St.
PO Box 627
Goldthwaite, TX 76844
San Saba Office
208 East Brown
San Saba, TX 76877
(325)648-2237 ~ 1-800-535-8904

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